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I will be happy to try to answer any questions that you may have concerning the material contained within these pages, if you need some additional assistance with a topic covered here.

However, please don't email me with questions about Weber carburetor swaps, lifts, tires, stereo systems, engine swaps, or other subjects unrelated to the overall theme of my site. I simply don't have the time to respond "I don't know" to such requests, and I probably won't answer your email.

                     More Jeep-related information and help can be found at these Jeep newsgroups:


     If your ISP does not provide access to Usenet, you might try these free (text only) news servers:


I wrote the information above years ago when these newsgroups contained a wealth of information and were populated by a large and helpful group of Jeep CJ owners.  Sadly, the groups were killed off by some demonic psychopaths who created a totally toxic environment which led to the exit of the regular members, leaving the groups empty.   If you prefer a more carefully moderated and web-browser-based "forum", try this one:


You can email me here:


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